Header Bidding: Prebid now works with AMP

Prebid, server-side header bidding solution is integrated with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. The technology is available to all publishers using Prebid Server.

AppNexus says that “the integration between Prebid Server and AMP’s new Real-Time Config (RTC) allows publishers to access header bidding demand through AMP’s Fast Fetch capability, reducing latency whilst achieving efficient monetization.”

According to AppNexus, one publisher, after adjusting the AMP monetization strategy to include Prebid, saw a 6X increase in AMP revenue for one of their websites.

“The integration with Prebid, and AppNexus’ support for it, enables open publisher monetization while delivering a high-quality user experience on the web,” said Michael Richardson, Product Line Manager, AppNexus, and Chairman of Prebid.org.

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