Header Bidding: Rubicon Project loses 30% on stock value

The revenue of Rubicon Project is slowing down with the fast adoption of the header bidding by publishers. Header bidding allows publishers to have multiple exchanges on the same ad space. And the exchange with the higher bid wins the auction.

Rubicon – Stock Value

In October, 2015, Rubicon launched an header bidding tecnology called FastLane, but it was already months after other ad tech companies implemented their header bidding solution on the publishers.

Rubicon team did a ran and implemented FastLane on around 130 publishers, which means 750 websites. This was not enough for the slow on growth. In 2016, Rubicon had a forecast of revenue around $275 million to $290 million. This revenue prediction was updated this wednesday to a value between $260 million to $275 million.

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