How to boost APP Installs with native? Is ALL about the ad optimisation

Taboola, one of the most important Native Ad companies in the ad market, just published a paper on how to optimize the App Download Creatives.

The ad network Taboola has integration with MMP´s (Mobile Measurement Partners), like Tune, Kochava, AppsFlyer and Adjust, which allow advertisers to measure the App Downloads coming from Taboola. But attribution is just the beginning. When it comes to optimization, the ad optimization is one of the most important parts of media buying.

Taboola has 11 recommendations that can be applied to other native networks. See here the best practices for APP download creatives:

1 – Prepare your users for the direct-to-app-store experience

2 – Use keywords (like “Download”) to filter to the ‘right’ users

3 – Make your headlines descriptive (the value proposition)

4 – Give users a reason to download

5 – When it comes to apps, free is a fail

6 – Test headlines with different terms

7 – Follow our best practices for higher CTR

8 – Always A/B test

9 – Campaign Set Up (Split by Operating System)

10 – Increase CPC for iOS

11 – A/B test using landing pages

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