Sizmek adquires Rocket Fuel: desperate fish buying another desperate fish?

Rocket Fuel is on sale to Sizmek. The ad tech company Sizmek intends to buy the media buying ad tech company Rocket Fuel for 145 million dollars, $2.60 per share, in cash.

As Ad Exchanger reminds, the shares of Rocket Fuel valued in 2013 29 Dollars, 11 times more compared with the Sizmek offer. Each share of Rocket Fuel Inc FRA:7RF valued today 2.26 Euro.

This move from Sizmek is to be able to provide advertisers with a full ad tech stack: “with the integration, you’ll gain access to a leading DSP and DMP and the most robust dynamic creative optimization and ad serving capabilities all under one roof.”

In Reddit, the comments are that a “desperate fish is buying another desperate fish.” One year ago, Sizmek was acquired itself by Vector Capital, for less than Rocket Fuel, 122 million dollars.

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