How to exclude the websites Reddit and Quora from search results

How to exclude the websites Reddit and Quora from search results
Filtering out reddit results in Google

Search engines like Google strive to provide the most relevant results for any given query. However, there are times when specific websites consistently clutter your search results, making it difficult to find the information you need. Two such websites that can sometimes generate less-than-reliable results are Reddit and Quora.

While both Reddit and Quora can be valuable platforms for discussions and sharing information, the content on these sites is user-generated and may not always be factually accurate or from credible sources.

For users seeking in-depth, well-researched information, results from Reddit threads or Quora discussions might not be ideal. Fortunately, there are ways to customize your search experience and exclude specific websites from your Google search results.

Excluding Websites with Browser Extensions

One approach to filtering your search results is by using browser extensions. Browser extensions are small software programs that add functionality to your web browser. Several extensions allow you to block specific websites from appearing in your search results.

One such extension is uBlock Origin. While primarily known as an ad blocker, uBlock Origin offers functionalities like URL filtering. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use uBlock Origin to exclude Reddit and Quora from your Google searches:

  1. Install uBlock Origin: Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for "uBlock Origin" or follow this link. Click "Add to Chrome" to install the extension.
  2. Open the uBlock Origin dashboard: Click on the uBlock Origin icon (usually a red octagon) in your browser's toolbar. Select "Open dashboard."
  3. Access the "My filters" tab: In the dashboard, click on the "My filters" tab.
  4. Add filter rules: Here, you can enter specific rules to block websites. To exclude Reddit results, enter the following rule:

Similarly, to exclude Quora results, add the following rule:


Explanation of the rules: The @@ symbol indicates that these are user-defined filter rules. || denotes a request to block the domain.^$document and^$document ensure that all pages on these respective domains are blocked from search results.

  1. Apply the filter rules: Click the "Apply filters" button in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Once you've added these filter rules, Reddit and Quora results should no longer appear in your Google searches.

Important considerations:

  • Browser extensions require installation and setup for each individual device you use.
  • Blocking entire websites might inadvertently exclude relevant information. For instance, if a news article references a Reddit thread, you might miss that article altogether.
  • Browser extensions can sometimes interfere with website functionality.

Alternative Techniques for Search Filtering

If you're not comfortable using browser extensions, there are alternative methods to refine your Google searches and potentially reduce the number of results from Reddit and Quora.

  • Using Google Search Operators: Google offers a variety of search operators that can help you refine your search queries. For example, the site: operator allows you to specify which websites you want your search results to come from. To exclude Reddit and Quora results, you can structure your search query like this:
your search query
  • Evaluating Source Credibility: When evaluating search results, it's crucial to assess the credibility of the source. Look for websites with established reputations, such as reputable news organizations, academic journals, or government websites. These sources are more likely to provide accurate and verifiable information.

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