IAB Europe: A CMP Validator will be available in October

IAB Europe this month announced the development of a Consent Management Platform (CMP) Validator, a tool that validates whether a CMP’s code conforms to the technical specifications and protocols detailed in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (Framework).

The Consent Management Platform (CMP) Validator, developed by The Media Trust, supports CMPs registered with the Framework. Currently, in beta, the CMP Validator will be available on October 1 this year.

CMP Validator uses The Media Trust platform to compare CMP code to publicly available Framework specification requirements. Users can test their CMP code and receive real-time insight into any failures. By doing so, IAB Europe says they are able to validate their CMP is effectively delivering on its intended benefits. Used industry-wide, the tool will reduce any friction in CMP adoption and give publishers and their digital partners greater confidence in their ability to stay compliant with GDPR.


150 Consent Management Platforms (CMP) registered on IAB Europe

CMPs are used by publishers and tech vendors to provide transparency and collect store, and, where appropriate, share consent information across the advertising ecosystem in order to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Today, more than 150 CMPs are registered with the Framework and fall under two categories: those provided for use by multiple publishers and those built in-house by publishers. A CMP’s failure to accurately read and record consumers’ choices could not only subject publishers and their tech vendors to financial penalties but also reduce publishers’ revenue and buyers’ opportunities.

“As processing a user’s personal data in compliance with the GDPR requires close cooperation between players in the advertising ecosystem, setting standards for how data is processed and ensuring the technologies being used are implemented according to those standards will benefit everyone across the digital advertising supply chain. CMP Validator exemplifies our commitment to support the industry’s compliance with GDPR and, in the long run, will help the industry achieve greater transparency and accountability while providing publishers and their users the control and choice they want.”

Townsend Feehan, CEO, IAB Europe