IAB Tech Lab launches a Podcast Measurement Compliance Program

IAB Tech Lab yesterday launched the Podcast Measurement Compliance Program. NPR and Rawvoice/Blubrry were the first to earn the seals of compliance.

IAB Tech Lab says the Compliance Program for Podcast Measurement certifies that companies are adhering to the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, released in December 2017. These guidelines establish a common set of ad metrics for podcasts and a base set of principles that any measurement system should support.

“According to the latest IAB/PwC study, podcast advertising is estimated to hit revenues of $402 million this year alone, and the marketplace is growing very rapidly, despite measurement hurdles. To continue this growth, measurement practices need to become consistent, accurate, and meaningful. The Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines and Compliance Program help get us closer to this goal—and we applaud NPR and Rawvoice/Blubrry for becoming the first to be certified and all the other companies that are going through certification at this time.”

Dennis Buchheim, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab

The IAB Tech Lab Seal of Compliance for Podcast Measurement includes the metrics: Download; Listener; and Ad Delivery.