IAB Tech Lab updates the Open Measurement SDK to include audio ad measurement

IAB Tech Lab updates the Open Measurement SDK to include audio ad measurement
Open Measurement SDK

IAB Tech Lab last month updated the Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK). The OM SDK Version 1.3 now supports Audio Ad Measurement, Content-Level Brand Safety, and has a new New Impression Definition, aligned with MRC guidelines. For app and SDK integration partners looking to adopt the new features introduced, code changes are required to add new API calls and events.

On January, 16, at 9h00 PT, IAB Tech Lab will conduct a webinar on how to upgrade to OM SDK version 1.3. The speakers are Joe Ranzenbach, Director of Product, Mobile, & Video, at Integral Ad Science, and Jay Lieske, Mobile Software Architect and Manager, at Google.

Audio Ad Measurement

OM SDK 1.3 now supports audio ad measurement. According to IAB Tech Lab, following changes have been made:

  • Video events have been changed to media events (though for backward compatibility, verification scripts can still use video events)
  • Geometry is not required for audio ads
  • Creative type of audio has been added
  • VAST and DAAST events are supported: start, pause, resume, quartiles, complete
  • Player volume and device volume are supported

Content-Level Brand Safety

App publishers offering content with a web equivalent may now pass the corresponding web URL for verification purposes. Publishers have now the capability to declare the content URL in which the ad is being shown to the user.

New Impression Definition

OM SDK 1.3 added support for the MRC “Begin to Render”.

What is the Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK)?

IAB Tech Lab launched Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) in April 2018. OM SDK eliminates the need for publishers to integrate multiple measurement partners, by supporting all of them in one SDK. According to IAB Tech Lab, since its general availability release, over 50 OM SDK integrations have been certified via the IAB Tech Lab.

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