IAS launches a new video blocking solution for brand safety

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has expanded video capabilities with a new tag that builds upon IAS blocking technology for desktop and mobile web, the company announced last week.

Video blocking solution gives IAS clients additional protection from ad fraud and risky content in video advertising, regardless of the ad server used.

Global online video spend will reach nearly $30 billion this year, according to a WARC global ad trends report. The most recent IAS Media Quality Report found that advertisers and agencies who worked to proactively protect their video campaigns from fraud saw more than a 5.5% reduction in waste, compared to those who used no ad fraud prevention technology.

“As advertiser budgets have significantly shifted to video, they need comprehensive solutions that protect them globally across channels and formats. Our mission at IAS is to protect our clients everywhere, and a sophisticated video blocking solution is critical to that. We look forward to bringing continued advancements to market throughout the remainder of the year.”

David Hahn, Chief Strategy Officer, IAS

Digitas is one IAS clients using this tag-based blocking solution.

“We are excited that IAS blocking technology is now extended to video for our clients using DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) as their ad server. Brand safety is top of mind for our clients and this allows us to protect our ad investments from not only risky content but also fraudulent users.”

Steven Bithell, Associate Director, Media Technology, Digitas

This solution is available now to all IAS customers.