LinkedIn Ads introduces Publisher Reporting

LinkedIn Ads introduces Publisher Reporting
LinkedIn Publisher Reporting

LinkedIn this month expanded transparency for campaigns that run across its network of publishers, Linkedin Audience Network. This includes the introduction of Publisher Reporting, which now includes IAB Category Reporting.

This means that advertisers can now see standardized categories from IAB, which can help them better understand the types of environments in which their ads appeared.

Publisher Reports with IAB categories include details such as publisher name, dates served (first/last), publisher type (app vs. web), and IAB category and sub-category.

The Publisher Reporting can help advertisers to:

  • Understand the overall performance of their campaigns across different types of publishers.
  • Identify specific publishers that are performing well or poorly.
  • Make informed decisions about where to allocate their ad spend.

LinkedIn has also introduced a number of other tools to give advertisers greater choice and control over their campaigns. These tools include:

  • A downloadable publisher list
  • Allow lists and block lists
  • IAB category level blocking

Advertisers can learn more about LinkedIn's brand safety solutions in the Brand Safety Hub. This hub is a one-stop destination for advertisers to boost their advertising performance, while customizing their brand safety guardrails.

Benefits of the Publisher Reporting

  • Increased transparency: Advertisers will have a better understanding of where their ads are appearing.
  • More control: Advertisers will have more control over where their ads appear.
  • Improved performance: Advertisers can make informed decisions about where to allocate their ad spend,which can lead to improved performance.

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