LinkedIn launches Sponsored Articles

LinkedIn launches Sponsored Articles
LinkedIn Sponsored Articles

LinkedIn this week has introduced a new ad type called sponsored articles, which enables businesses to promote their content directly within the LinkedIn platform. This new feature is designed to help businesses reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

When a company account publishes an article on LinkedIn, administrators can now choose to promote it. Sponsored articles will appear in the LinkedIn feed of users who are interested in the company's industry or topic. Users can then click on the sponsored article to read the full content.

There are several benefits to using sponsored articles:

  • Increased visibility: Sponsored articles will be seen by a wider audience than just the company's followers.
  • Better engagement: Users are more likely to read an article if they can do so without leaving the LinkedIn platform.
  • Improved lead generation: Sponsored articles can be used to generate leads by adding a call to action button to the article.

Who can use Sponsored Articles?

According to Search Engine Land, only articles authored by companies are eligible for sponsorship. The same source says LinkedIn is working on expanding the feature to include other types of content, such as blog posts and videos.

Additional things to keep in mind about sponsored articles

  • Sponsored articles are not free. Businesses will need to pay to promote their articles.
  • The cost of sponsored articles will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the target audience and the length of the campaign.
  • Businesses should carefully track the results of their sponsored articles to make sure they are getting a good return on investment.

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