LinkedIn prioritizes values-driven hiring: new tools for job seekers and marketers

LinkedIn prioritizes values-driven hiring: new tools for job seekers and marketers
values-based job filter

LinkedIn this week announced the launch of a new values-based job filter and its latest Top Companies list. These tools reflect a growing trend of job seekers prioritizing company values alongside traditional factors like compensation and location, demonstrating the importance of aligning brand messaging with company culture.

LinkedIn's new filter allows users to search for jobs based on values including diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), work-life balance, career development, social impact, and environmental sustainability. This comes in response to LinkedIn's research showing that jobs highlighting such values receive increased attention from potential applicants. Data also indicates that a mismatch in values is a potential "deal breaker" for a significant portion of the workforce.

The updated Top Companies list emphasizes career growth opportunities, internal equity, and a strong company culture. LinkedIn recognizes that many job seekers, particularly in today's job market, value employers committed to long-term development and a supportive work environment.

Key Implications for Marketers

  • Employer Branding is Crucial: Marketers should collaborate closely with HR to ensure that company values are authentically articulated in job postings, company websites, and social media presence.
  • Transparency Matters: Highlight initiatives that demonstrate commitment to workplace equity, employee development, and any social or environmental missions central to the company ethos.
  • Tailored Messaging: Consider how to align job postings with the values now searchable on LinkedIn. This could attract a pool of candidates intrinsically motivated by the company's mission.
  • Metrics and Storytelling: Track how values-focused messaging impacts candidate engagement. Use case studies or employee testimonials to showcase how the company lives out its values.

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