Lionsgate and Nielsen partner for first-ever FAST channel viewership measurement

Lionsgate and Nielsen join forces to bring traditional TV measurement to FAST channels, with MovieSphere becoming the first to benefit.


Lionsgate, a major Hollywood studio, and Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, last week announced a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration brings traditional linear TV metrics to the fast-growing free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) space for the first time.

The partnership positions MovieSphere by Lionsgate, a free streaming channel featuring the studio's library of films, as the first major FAST channel to leverage Nielsen's measurement services. MovieSphere is currently available on 18 streaming platforms, including Samsung TV Plus, Roku, and Pluto TV, with an expansion to nearly 20 platforms expected by the end of 2024. This partnership allows MovieSphere to gain valuable insights into its audience demographics, enabling data-driven decisions regarding content selection.

Jim Packer, Lionsgate's President of Worldwide Television Distribution, highlighted the significance of the partnership. He emphasized how Nielsen's established linear TV measurement system provides MovieSphere with a valuable tool to assess performance, gauge audience engagement, and ultimately refine its content strategy to better serve its viewers and maximize value for its advertising partners.

Amilcar Perez, Chief Revenue Officer at Nielsen, echoed this sentiment. He acknowledged the ever-expanding landscape of streaming options and the growing need for robust audience measurement solutions within the FAST market. Nielsen's collaboration with Lionsgate, a leader in the FAST space, positions them to provide greater clarity and efficiency for FAST channel measurement.

The announcement comes amidst impressive growth for MovieSphere. According to Nielsen data, the channel has seen a remarkable 87% year-over-year increase in viewership during the first quarter of 2024. Furthermore, MovieSphere boasts an average watch time of approximately 123 minutes per viewer during its initial month under Nielsen's measurement system, placing it on par with leading basic cable networks.

MovieSphere offers a diverse selection of films, ranging from blockbusters to independent favorites. This partnership between Lionsgate and Nielsen signifies a major step forward in establishing standardized audience measurement within the FAST space. As the FAST market continues to experience rapid growth, the ability to accurately gauge viewership will be crucial for content providers and advertisers alike. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration evolves and how it influences the development of future FAST channel measurement solutions.

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