Magnite launches a self-service Deal Discovery

Magnite launches a self-service Deal Discovery

Magnite this week announced the launch of Deal Discovery, a self-service user interface to streamline PMP and Auction Package deal creation.

According to Magnite, in Deal Discovery, buyers can curate open market inventory, request PMP deals, and surface under-exposed audiences by layering in first-party data and other campaign parameters.

“We developed Deal Discovery to improve workflows between publishers and buyers and allow them to more effectively collaborate,” said Katie Evans, Chief Operations Officer, Magnite. “PMPs are a key part of programmatic campaigns and Deal Discovery makes the process all the more smooth and efficient for publishers and buyers.”

Magnite says that through the Deal Discovery user interface, publishers can correspond with buyers directly, approve requested deals and control pricing and inventory details in real time.

“Magnite has built a very solid tool and Deal Discovery will allow us to retain the control we desire from PMPs with the added benefit of getting direct input from buyers on what they’re looking for,” said Rachel Pillet, VP of Programmatic Sales, Mediavine. As the largest exclusive full service ad management firm in the U.S., we hope to activate more PMPs through this feature and, in the process, develop a better understanding of how we can package our inventory more effectively."

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