Magnite's SpringServe powers video ads for YTV's on-demand services in Japan

Magnite today announced its SpringServe ad serving technology is now managing video advertising on Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation's (YTV) on-demand platforms, ytv MyDo! and TVer.

ytv MyDo!
ytv MyDo!

Magnite today announced its SpringServe ad serving technology is now managing video advertising on Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation's (YTV) on-demand platforms, ytv MyDo! and TVer. This implementation aims to improve YTV's advertising revenue and operational efficiency.

SpringServe offers ad serving and inventory management functionalities. These features are designed to streamline the process of monetization for publishers. They achieve this by ensuring efficient management of ad inventory and delivering high-quality ad experiences for viewers. By using SpringServe, YTV can provide premium video advertising across both ytv MyDo! and TVer.

According to Akito Mizui, Director of ICT Technology at ytv media design, SpringServe has significantly improved YTV's advertising operations. He highlighted the importance of technology specifically designed for video advertising, which SpringServe provides. He stated that SpringServe has led to:

  • Increased revenue through greater efficiency.
  • A more holistic view of overall advertising performance.

Ken Harada, Managing Director, Japan at Magnite, expressed Magnite's excitement about the successful implementation of SpringServe at YTV. He noted that YTV is among the first broadcasters in Japan to adopt this technology and achieve positive results. Magnite looks forward to collaborating with YTV to further enhance the delivery of premium video advertising experiences on their platforms.

Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI): The world's largest independent sell-side advertising company. Magnite's technology is used by publishers to monetize content across various formats and screens, including online video, display advertising, audio, and Connected TV (CTV). Leading advertising agencies and brands rely on Magnite's platform to access high-quality advertising inventory and execute billions of ad transactions each month. Magnite has offices across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation: An Osaka-based television station serving the Kinki region of Japan. YTV produces programs for both the Kansai region and the entire country. They are well-known for their production of the popular anime series "Detective Conan." YTV is also involved in various business ventures beyond television broadcasting.

ytv media design: The digital media and strategy company of the Yomiuri TV Group. Established in March 2018, ytv media design focuses on digital media activities. Their core operations include managing ytv MyDo! and "anna," a website offering community-based information in the Kansai region. Through these initiatives, ytv media design plays a key role in expanding the reach of Yomiuri TV Group content to a wider audience through digital platforms.

Understanding sell-side advertising companies

Sell-side advertising companies, like Magnite, assist publishers (such as YTV) in maximizing revenue from their advertising inventory. They achieve this through various methods, including:

  • Ad serving: Technology that manages the delivery and display of advertisements on a publisher's website or app.
  • Inventory management: Tools and strategies for optimizing the value of a publisher's ad inventory.
  • Providing access to advertisers: Sell-side companies connect publishers with potential advertisers through their platforms and networks.

The adoption of SpringServe technology by YTV demonstrates a growing focus on optimizing video advertising experiences and revenue for publishers in the digital age. As online video consumption continues to rise, this trend is likely to become even more prominent.

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