Microsoft Advertising testing Parallel Tracking

Microsoft Advertising testing Parallel Tracking

After Google, now is Microsoft Advertising that is introducing Parallel Tracking. According to Microsoft, with Parallel Tracking, the consumer is taken directly to your final URL while all the click-measurement processing is done in the background. That means a much faster page load time.

With the traditional sequential tracking, when an ad click occurs, the consumer is taken through a series of redirects before landing on the final URL. And this represents delays and slow times.

Parallel tracking is now available as an optional feature for select advertiser accounts. Advertisers should reach Microsoft to participate in the parallel tracking beta program.

Microsoft says advertisers can expect to see increased conversions due to reduced load times, bounce rates and other drop-off metrics. Microsoft also said that Parallel Tracking can also increase customer trust since consumers will land directly on the final URL mentioned in your ad without any interim redirects appearing in their address bar.

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