MNI Targeted Media launches CannabX, an ad exchange for the cannabis industry

MNI Targeted Media launches CannabX, an ad exchange for the cannabis industry

MNI Targeted Media this week launched CannabX, a cannabis-specific programmatic ad exchange within their programmatic offering, MNIx.

CannabX exchange has inventory that has been pre-approved for both CBD and THC ads from more than 15,000 publishers. The formats available on CannabX are display and pre-roll placements across desktop and mobile.

According to MNI, CannabX offers targeting techniques for marketers across all sectors of the cannabis industry, dispensaries, brands and production companies.

The targetings available are:

  • Geo-fencing: geo-fencing select events, farmers’ markets, wellness centers, grow facilities, campuses, and custom, location-based audiences.
  • Behavioral targeting: Marijuana brands and dispensaries can target individuals who have chronic pain, anxiety, or pets, as well as reach nightlife enthusiasts.
  • Contextual targeting: Advertisers can serve ads on specific sites related to specific categories, like medicine, recreation or outdoors.
  • Site Retargeting: Cannabis consumers and business buyers can be reached with ads if they have visited a specific site or specific site pages.
  • Search history targeting: Production companies can retarget businesses that have searched terms like growing facilities and UV lights or dispensaries can reach people whose search history contains keywords like back pain, marijuana usage.
  • Mobile app data targeting: Marketers can develop custom segments based on consumers’ app usage, and mix and match apps accordingly (e.g., reach users who downloaded the Eaze, Canary and Weedmaps apps).

MNI says CannabX also provides attribution. For example, a dispensary could measure cart checkouts, to connect purchases to users who were exposed to ads.

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