Mobile: Ad blocking is the primary challenge for publishers

AOL talked with 300 premium publishers in United Kingdom and figure out their main challenges and opportunities on the mobile environment.

Ad blockers were mentioned by 55% of the publishers as a challenge and is by far their main concern. Other challenges are the quality of the consumer experience, quality of the content, off platform monetization, app installs, off network traffic, service/platform costs, lagging advertising spend, measurement deficits and inadequate revenue/ROI.

Te main opportunity that publishers see is Faster ad loads, followed by Interactive and engaging ad units, more mobile web-based content, customised creatives, cross-screen tracking/measurement, more app offerings, better audience metrics, mobile first video, mobile commerce and gamification of the content.

Publishers plan to increase their investment on Mobile since video and display are increasing constantly there.

According to AOL, 58% of the data traffic on mobile was video, and an average adult spend around 2 hours online in his mobile phone each day.