Nielsen Report: Asian American audiences embrace streaming and mobile content

Nielsen Report: Asian American audiences embrace streaming and mobile content

A new report by Nielsen, a leader in audience measurement, sheds light on the evolving media consumption habits of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) audiences.

The report, titled Reaching Asian American Audiences: Understanding Asian Influence and Media Consumption, was released today, coinciding with the start of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Shifting Screens: While streaming services remain the top platform for AANHPI audiences, the report highlights a near-equal split in viewing time between TVs and smartphones – approximately 17 hours per week on each device. This trend signifies a growing preference for mobile content consumption within the AANHPI demographic.

Streaming Powerhouse: AANHPI viewers are avid streamers, surpassing the national average by dedicating 45.4% of their total TV usage to streaming services (compared to 27% for the general population). This highlights a significant opportunity for brands to reach these audiences through ad-supported video on-demand (AVOD) platforms. In 2023, AANHPI viewers spent 31% of their viewing time on AVOD services compared to 27% for the total population.

The Power of Representation: The report suggests a correlation between the rise of Asian representation on screen (reaching 10.9% in 2023) and AANHPI viewership trends. Content featuring Asian actors and stories, like the series "Beef" which garnered over 5.8 billion viewing minutes in 2023, is not only attracting AANHPI audiences but also influencing overall viewership across the U.S.

News Consumption: Non-subscription news media remains a valuable touchpoint for AANHPI audiences, who represent the fastest-growing voter demographic in the U.S. With trust in news programs being 34% higher than the national average, and 78% of AANHPI viewers consuming news daily, this platform holds significant influence for reaching this group, especially during election years.

Tailored Messaging: Understanding the diverse needs within the AANHPI community is crucial for effective communication. The report emphasizes the importance of tailoring news content and marketing messages to resonate with different age groups. For instance, while Asian Americans aged 65+ are more interested in stories concerning geopolitical tensions and anti-Asian hate crimes, younger audiences (millennials and Gen Z) connect more with narratives around affirmative action and immigration.

Additional insights

  • The report highlights a strong purchasing power among AANHPI consumers, with a higher likelihood to buy games/toys, books, music/videos, and smartphones compared to the national average.
  • AANHPI viewers heavily utilize streaming platform apps on smartphones, particularly ad-supported ones. YouTube's mobile app reaches a staggering 85% of Asian American adults in a typical month.

Importance for marketers

This Nielsen report offers valuable insights for marketers seeking to connect with the growing AANHPI audience. Key takeaways include:

  • Prioritize mobile marketing: Develop strategies that target AANHPI consumers on their smartphones, which are increasingly becoming their primary viewing screen.
  • Embrace streaming platforms: Invest in advertising opportunities on streaming services, particularly AVOD platforms, to reach AANHPI viewers who are heavy streamers.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion: Incorporate diverse storytelling and representation in marketing campaigns to resonate with AANHPI audiences who value authentic portrayals.
  • Segment your messaging: Tailor your communication based on age groups within the AANHPI demographic to address their specific interests and concerns.

By understanding the unique media consumption habits and preferences of AANHPI audiences, marketers can develop more targeted and effective strategies to reach this influential and growing demographic group.

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