Outbrain launches native ads in publishers’ owned newsletters

Outbrain yesterday partnered with lvidence to bring native ads into newsletters. Ividence is a European newsletter AdTech company that enables Outbrain with technology.

“We’re excited to enter into a partnership with Outbrain to deliver the best native ad experience in newsletters for publishers. Ividence will provide the technology to power personalised native ads across all their publisher newsletter inventory. This partnership will help publishers further engage their audiences and grow their subscription base – a key priority for premium publishers today,” said Eric Prigent, Head of Operations at Ividence.

Outbrain says the native ads are now available across all content formats including webpages, mobile apps, and now newsletters.

“The industry has a problem – increasingly, premium digital publishers cannot rely on digital display advertising alone to cover the cost of producing quality content. The duopoly has continued to dominate advertiser budgets while disrupting online user consumption patterns. Thus, publishers must expand their monetization channels and grow new revenue streams to support their business,” said Victor Charpin, Head of Platforms at Outbrain. “With the integration of placements in newsletters, we are creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to have direct access to a highly engaged publisher audience when they are in a prime content consumption mode.”

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