Podster partners with RTL Deutschland to globalize German podcasts

Podster partners with RTL Deutschland to globalize German podcasts

Podster, a Danish podcast company, has entered a major licensing agreement with RTL Deutschland, Germany's leading media house, to adapt and distribute high-quality German podcasts to a global audience.

Podster specializes in adapting local podcasts into new formats to reach a larger audience and bring in more revenue for publishers. The company has inked a deal with Audio Alliance, the audio unit of RTL Deutschland, to adapt several RTL shows, including Der Letze Sommer von Lady Di, Verbrechen von nebenan, and German Horror Stories.

"It's particularly meaningful that as a small startup, we have the chance to take on podcast releases from the industry giants," said Henriette Høj Gharib, CEO of Podster. "We approach this partnership with a deep sense of humility, which is also reflected in the way we produce these adaptations."

"Our work and success at Podster demonstrate that the podcast market is ready to expand high-quality content, mirroring the scaling seen in books, movies, and series over the years," added Gharib.

"We are enthusiastic about the partnership with Podster," said Andrea Zuska, SVP Content Strategy at RTL and Managing Director Audio Alliance. "Together, we are set to expand our podcast content's global footprint, providing diverse, engaging shows to audiences worldwide."

The partnership between Podster and RTL Deutschland is a step towards globalizing German podcasts. By making popular German podcasts available to audiences around the world, Podster and RTL Deutschland are helping to grow the global podcast market and introduce new listeners to high-quality German content.

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