Reddit unveils "Free-Form Ads" for unprecedented brand engagement

Reddit unveils "Free-Form Ads" for unprecedented brand engagement
Reddit Free-Form Ads

Reddit this week announced the launch of its new "free-form ads" format, empowering brands to creatively communicate with Reddit's highly engaged user base.

Inspired by the platform's popular "Megathread" discussions, free-form ads offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and integration, allowing brands to reach niche audiences with a dynamic blend of media.


Free-Form Ads

Free-form ads replace Reddit's previous text-based format, providing advertisers with new tools: brands can now combine text, images, videos, and more to create compelling, visually-rich content. Reddit's Ads Manager further streamlines the process with helpful templates, allowing for quick and easy ad creation.

Key benefits of Reddit's free-form ads:

  • Authentically engage audiences: Tap into Reddit's passionate communities with content that seamlessly blends into the native platform experience.
  • Reach the right people: Utilize Reddit's contextual targeting to connect with users who are already receptive to your message.
  • Drive brand awareness: Capture attention and boost top-of-funnel goals with a unique ad format tailored to the platform.
  • Humanize your brand: Adopt a conversational tone that resonates with Reddit's audience.
  • Gather valuable insights: Comments on free-form ads provide direct, unfiltered feedback from consumers.

What are Reddit Free-Form Ads

  • Unique Advertising Format: Free-Form Ads go beyond traditional ad styles, designed for deep storytelling and a seamless blend with Reddit's discussion-based culture.
  • Enhanced Engagement: They prioritize engagement and community-building, much like Reddit's popular "Megathreads". This authenticity encourages greater audience interest and interaction.
  • Flexibility: Advertisers can mix and match text, images, GIFs, and videos freely, allowing for highly tailored content that fits their message and target audience.
  • Reddit-Specific: The format won't be found elsewhere, offering a competitive edge and a chance to show understanding of Reddit's platform-specific preferences.


  • Authentic Connections: Present your brand in a way that feels organic to the Reddit experience, encouraging genuine conversations and connections.
  • Niche Targeting: Zero in on specific, highly-engaged subreddits and communities directly relevant to your brand.
  • Brand Awareness Boost: The visually-rich, discussion-oriented style is highly memorable, leaving a lasting brand impression.
  • Valuable Insights: Comments on ads allow you to gather real consumer opinions and feedback that might otherwise remain unspoken.

Pro-Tips for Success

  • Visual Storytelling: Images and GIFs are attention-grabbing and help illustrate your message.
  • Include a TL;DR: Provide a quick summary for those who want the key points at a glance.
  • Organized & Easy-to-Read: Headings and breaks improve reader flow and understanding.
  • Know Your Audience: Tailor content (language, tone, topic) to appeal directly to your chosen communities.
  • Templates for Kickstarting Creativity: Available in Ads Manager to give you a base to work from.

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