ROAS Calculator

Free ROAS calculator. Enter your sales revenue and spend, and we'll instantly calculate the ROAS.

Enter the revenue attributed to the ad campaign and the spend to calculate the ROAS.

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How to calculate?

Here's the simple formula: ROAS = Revenue from Advertising / Cost of Advertising

For example, if you spend $100 on a promotion and it directly generates $200 in sales, your ROAS would be 2. This means you earned $2 for every $1 you invested, indicating a successful campaign.

Why is ROAS Important?

ROAS provides valuable insights for marketers in several ways:

Campaign Optimization: By tracking ROAS for different campaigns, you can identify which ones are delivering the best return. This allows you to optimize your strategies by allocating more budget to high-performing campaigns and adjusting or eliminating less effective ones.

Budget Allocation: ROAS helps you determine the optimal budget for your advertising efforts. By analyzing the ROAS at different spending levels, you can see where your return starts to diminish. This helps you allocate your budget strategically for maximum impact.

Benchmarking: Comparing your ROAS to industry benchmarks or your own historical data can reveal if your campaigns are performing well. It also allows you to track your progress over time and measure the effectiveness of any changes you implement.