SiriusXM buys Simplecast

SiriusXM buys Simplecast

SiriusXM this week announced the acquisition of Simplecast, a podcast management platform, created in 2013, that enables podcasters to publish, manage, and measure their content.

Simplecast says it has delivered nearly a billion audio requests last year.

SiriusXM (NASDAQ: SIRI) is an American company that owns Adswizz, via Pandora, one of the biggest audio exchanges. SiriusXM says it is reaching over 100 million people each month.

According to SiriusXM, Simplecast and AdsWizz will form SiriusXM’s publisher solution business:

Through AdsWizz, SiriusXM offers an adtech solution for podcasters and networks, from dynamic ad insertion to ad serving, new programmatic solutions for podcasting, and the AdsWizz Podcast Marketplace, PodWave.

Through Pandora for Podcasters, creators can submit their podcasts to reach Pandora’s users and get access to data analytics tools and useful audience insights.

“The opportunity and alignment with AdsWizz allows our product — and our customers — access to a powerful monetization platform.  Two best-in-class platforms are now able to align with the shared mission of helping publishers succeed, while each team continues to focus on their respective areas of expertise,” said Brad Smith, the Founder & CEO of Simplecast.

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