Slow Looker? 20 articles on performance optimization

Looker today launched a new central hub for performance documentation, offering information on optimizing dashboards, queries, server instances, databases, and monitoring.


The Looker documentation team today announced the launch of a new landing page dedicated to Looker performance documentation. This central hub aggregates over 20 different articles encompassing all aspects of Looker performance optimization.

The new documentation hub offers insights into optimizing various performance aspects within the Looker platform. Key areas covered include:

Dashboard Performance: This section provides guidance on designing Looker dashboards to maximize performance. Factors like dashboard complexity and data volume are likely to be addressed.

Query Performance: Here, the focus is on designing LookML models for optimal query performance. This likely involves guidance on data modeling techniques and query optimization strategies.

Instance Performance: This section caters to Looker administrators and explores methods for optimizing the Looker server itself. Server configuration and resource allocation are potential areas of exploration.

Customer-Hosted Instances: Specific performance considerations for customer-hosted Looker deployments are addressed in this section. Details regarding hardware and software configurations for optimal performance might be included.

Database Performance: General and database dialect-specific best practices for optimizing database performance when used with Looker are explored in this section. This may involve database connection pooling strategies and configuration considerations for various database platforms.

Performance Monitoring: This section provides guidance on monitoring the overall performance of a Looker instance. It likely includes explanations of relevant metrics and how to use Looker's built-in dashboards for performance monitoring.

Benefits of Centralized Documentation

The introduction of a central hub for Looker performance documentation streamlines the process of finding relevant information for users. Previously, users might have needed to search through various documentation sections to find specific performance-related resources.

It's important to note that this new documentation hub is Looker-specific and does not encompass Looker Studio performance optimization. Looker Studio is a separate data visualization tool also offered by Google.

Looker's new performance documentation hub is a valuable resource for users seeking to optimize the performance of their Looker deployments. By centralizing information across various performance aspects, Looker empowers users to make data-driven decisions to ensure a smooth and efficient Looker experience.

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