Snap ads platform update: driving performance and brand safety in Q1 2024

Snap ads platform update: driving performance and brand safety in Q1 2024

Snap last month reported a 21% year-over-year revenue increase in Q1 2024, driven largely by improvements to their advertising platform and a growing demand for their direct-response (DR) solutions.

A core focus for Snap remains on delivering measurable results for advertisers, specifically focusing on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This is evident in their continued investment in Machine Learning (ML) models to optimize campaign performance.

A significant development in Q1 was the expansion of the 7-day Pixel Purchase optimization model. This model allows advertisers to target users who are likely to make a purchase within seven days of clicking on an ad. According to Snap, this optimization strategy resulted in a more than 75% increase in purchase-related conversions year-over-year.

Building on this success, Snap has extended the 7-day optimization model to include app installs and app purchases. They plan to further test additional app goals in Q2, such as Value Optimization and Custom Event Optimization. These expanded functionalities empower advertisers to tailor campaigns towards specific conversion goals.

Conversions API (CAPI)

Snap also announced an improved version of their Conversions API (CAPI) in Q1. This privacy-centric solution allows advertisers to use first-party data for dynamic retail ads and leverage ROAS optimizations more effectively. The integration of new identifiers and parameters within CAPI facilitates this. Snap highlights a 300% year-over-year growth in CAPI integrations during Q1, indicating strong advertiser adoption and a commitment to data privacy.

LinkedIn Conversions API
The LinkedIn Conversions API is a tool that allows businesses to connect their offline and online data with LinkedIn.

Supporting Small and Medium Businesses

Snap recognizes the growing importance of SMBs within their advertising ecosystem. In Q1, they reported an impressive 85% year-over-year increase in the number of SMB advertisers on the platform. This growth is attributed to user-friendly tools like dynamic campaign setup recommendations and codeless Pixel setups, which simplify the campaign creation process for businesses of all sizes and help them achieve higher ROAS.

Brand safety remains a top priority for Snap. In Q1, they partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to develop a new brand safety measurement product. This independent validation found that both Spotlight and Creator Stories content on Snapchat are 99% brand-safe.

Additionally, Snap offers advertisers a first-party solution for brand safety control at the campaign level, ensuring ad placement alongside premium content. The Snap Star Collab Studio provides another layer of control, allowing brands to partner with creators and reach targeted audiences while maximizing campaign effectiveness.

Snap's Q1 2024 advertising platform update demonstrates their commitment to driving advertiser performance, fostering SMB growth, and prioritizing brand safety. The expansion of conversion optimization models, improved data solutions, and user-friendly campaign tools highlight their focus on measurable results for advertisers. Snap's dedication to brand safety, evidenced by their partnership with IAS and brand safety controls, offers additional value to brands looking to leverage the Snapchat platform.

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