Snapchat user growth to slow down in Western Europe, eMarketer predicts

Snapchat user growth to slow down in Western Europe, eMarketer predicts

eMarketer this month predicted the slowdown of Snapchat growth in Western Europe. eMarketer says the rate of growth will drop to just 1.2% by the end of 2024.

According to eMarketer, the competition from TikTok will prevent Snapchat from growing more robustly, and while TikTok user growth rates this year are 88.7% in France, 79.7% in Germany, and 75.2% in the UK, the Snapchat user growth rates are 8.4% in France, 16.3% in Germany, and 3.4% in the UK.

France is the largest market in Europe and the third-largest worldwide in terms of Snapchat user numbers for 2020. Snapchat has 17.8 million users in France or 32.5% of internet users in France. Snapchat has 16.1 million users in the UK or 28.4% of internet users. In Germany, Snapchat has 12.2 million users or 17.4% of internet users.

According to Snapchat's financial reported numbers, Snapchat ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) in Q32020 was $1.43 in Europe, versus $5.49 in North America, and $0.95 in the rest of the world. The rest of the world was the region where Snapchat saw more growth of Daily Active Users: 43% in Q32020, versus 10% in Europe, and 7% in North America.

According to LinkedIn numbers, Snapchat has around four thousand employees versus ByteDance (owner of TikTok) with around sixty thousand employees, 15 times more. Snapchat is headquartered in the US and ByteDance in China.

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