SpotX is now 100% ads.txt compliant

SpotX today announced the launch of a new infographic that highlights its 100% compliance with the IAB’s ads.txt specification version 1.0.1. SpotX says that to be 100% compliant, SpotX has ensured, since July, that when an ads.txt file is present, all bid requests to a demand side platform (DSP) are only from sellers within an ads.txt file.

85% of SpotX publishers have adopted ads.txt. Ads.txt-enabled sites monetizing through SpotX deliver 12% higher viewability rates and 15% higher eCPM compared to sites without ads.txt.

Although having an ads.txt file on a site does not guarantee it’s fraud-free, sites without ads.txt have approximately four times more invalid traffic on average, something that SpotX says is actively working to eliminate via its in-house Brand Safety Team. SpotX crawls 80,000 sites a day to collect ads.txt data.

“SpotX is committed to working with publishers and advertisers to ensure the industry benefits from the positive results of ads.txt. A crucial trend we have observed is the growing support of DSPs including dataXu, MediaMath, and The Trade Desk whose increased implementation is driving industry-wide adoption.”

Mike Shehan, co-founder and CEO at SpotX