TAG certifies 112 companies for brand safety

TAG certifies 112 companies for brand safety

TAG last week announced the certification of 112 companies in the TAG Brand Safety Certified Program, a program that certifies companies for brand safety.

“There is no magic bullet to ensuring brand safety, but it would be brand malpractice not to adopt these industry-consensus standards to reduce that risk,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “With broad adoption at launch across every sector of the supply chain, the TAG Brand Safety Certified Program will help companies demonstrate their commitment to brand protection and ensure that advertising partners have taken the necessary steps to reduce the risk of unsafe ad placements. This program completes the TAG certification suite, so companies now can adopt a unified set of solutions that shows their leadership in addressing ad fraud, malvertising, and brand safety challenges.”

According to TAG, the program was designed to reduce the risk of the misplacement of advertising on digital media of all types. Additionally, the TAG Brand Safety Certified Program promotes the flow of advertising budgets to companies that set high standards and support the industry’s framework for brand safety.

Here the requirements:

  • Every Direct Buyer, Direct Seller and/or Intermediary must ensure that all new and updated agreements for digital advertising services adhere to the program’s Brand Safety Principles, including specific brand safety criteria, policies, and procedures, as well as takedown, monitoring, and compliance requirements. Contracts must also require the use of independently validated Content Verification services or inclusion/exclusion lists.
  • Every Direct Buyer, Direct Seller and/or Intermediary must ensure that 100% of its monetizable transactions are reviewed by one or more independently validated Content Verification services or inclusion/exclusion lists as defined in its digital advertising agreements.
  • Every Direct Buyer, Direct Seller and/or Intermediary must document the specific policies and procedures it has to minimize the risk of ad misplacement.

The program also sets standards for all companies offering Content Verification Services, including technical standards and disclosure requirements around the classification and blocking of ad serving on media properties.

Brand safety certified companies

  1. AdColony
  2. Adform
  3. Adverty
  4. Affectv
  5. Agenda21 Digital Ltd.
  6. Amazon Advertising
  7. Amobee, Inc.
  8. Audience Store
  9. AutoTrader
  10. Bauer Xcel
  11. Bidstack
  12. Captify
  13. ComCast / Freewheel
  14. Comscore
  15. Conde Nast International
  16. Conversant Media
  17. Crimtan Holdings Ltd
  18. Criteo
  19. Dailymotion
  20. DAZN
  21. eBay
  22. Encore
  23. ESI
  24. Essence
  25. Facebook
  26. Fifty
  27. Financial Times
  28. Gamer Network
  29. Global Radio Services Limited
  30. Google
  31. GroupM
  32. GumGum
  33. Havas Media
  34. Haymarket Media Group
  35. Hearst Communications Inc.
  36. Hello!
  37. Immediate Media Co.
  38. Index Exchange
  39. Innity
  40. Inskin Media Ltd
  41. Integral Ad Science
  42. IPG Mediabrands
  43. Iponweb
  44. John Ayling & Associates (JAA)
  45. JustPremium
  46. Knorex
  47. Kroger
  48. LADbible Group Ltd
  49. LiveScore
  50. LoopMe
  51. M6
  52. Mail Metro Media
  53. Mediacom
  54. Mediacom North
  55. Merkle
  56. Mindshare
  58. Mobsta
  59. Nativo
  60. Navigate Digital
  61. NEWS UK
  62. Ogury
  63. Omnicom Media Group
  64. OpenX
  65. OutBrain
  66. Precise.tv
  67. Publicis Media
  68. Pubmatic
  69. Quantcast
  70. Radio Teilifis Eireann
  71. Reach PLC
  72. Rezonence
  73. RhythmOne PLC
  74. Rockabox Media Ltd
  75. Roku DSP
  76. Rubicon Project
  77. Samsung Ads
  78. Shpock
  79. Sky Limited
  80. Smadex
  81. Sovrn
  82. Spotify
  83. SpotX
  84. SYZYGY
  85. Tan Media
  86. TEADS
  87. Telegraph Media Group Limited
  88. The 7Stars
  89. The Guardian
  90. The Kite Factory Ltd
  91. The Trade Desk
  92. Thomson Reuters (Markets)
  93. TikTok
  94. Total Media
  95. TripAdvisor
  96. TripleLift
  97. Twitter
  98. Unruly
  99. VDX.tv
  100. VE Global UK Limited
  101. Venatus Media
  102. Verizon Media
  103. VEVO
  104. Viant
  105. Vibrant Media Inc.
  106. Video Intelligence
  107. Walmart, Inc.
  108. Wavemaker
  109. Xandr, Inc.
  110. Xaxis
  111. Zeta Interactive
  112. Ziff Davis, LLC

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