TapClicks acquires AdStage

TapClicks acquires AdStage

TapClicks last month acquired AdStage. TapClicks says it will integrate AdStage into their family of brands which includes Raven Tools, iSpionage, Megalytic, and StatX. TapClicks will integrate the entire AdStage team into the company, including AdStage’s co-founders.

“We have seen tremendous demand for analytics and cross-channel optimization solutions. These capabilities from AdStage will be instrumental in achieving the TapClicks vision to offer a full spectrum of integrated solutions that use advanced AI and predictive capabilities to provide an actionable pathway to success,” said Babak Hedayti, CEO and founder of TapClicks.

TapClicks helps marketers to automate data management and operations. The TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform, delivers data aggregation and ingestion capabilities from over 4,600 sources and includes automated solutions for data warehousing, distribution, analytics and reporting.

With AdStage Report, advertisers can build analysis dashboards, and with AdStage Automate, advertisers can build automation rules for campaign optimization.

“We’re thrilled with this opportunity because TapClicks will be enabling AdStage to continue to innovate by enhancing our access to resources like machine learning technologies and predictive AI capabilities. Together, we have a shared vision to create the leading unified marketing platform in the industry,” said Sahil Jain, CEO and co-founder, AdStage.

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