TapClicks scores $10 million investment from Boathouse Capital

TapClicks today announced a $10 million investment from Boathouse Capital, a private equity firm with over $350 million under management. TapClicks says the new funding will drive customer and revenue growth through product innovations and accelerated sales and marketing.

TapClicks will leverage growth capital from Boathouse to expand the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology into its scalable analytics and reporting platform, including the continued development of its proprietary marketing and advertising recommendation engine.

“We evaluated several SaaS companies in the digital marketing space and TapClicks outperformed peers due to its rapid growth and large customer base. After we invested in TapClicks, Salesforce announced its $850 million acquisition of Datorama, validating our thinking that we invested in the right market and picked one of the top players.”

Chong Moua, General Partner, Boathouse Capital

TapClicks integrates more than 180 sources of marketing campaign data and performance metrics into a unified, scalable, end-to-end marketing analytics, reporting, workflow and order management solution.

“TapClicks has disrupted the marketplace through the highest number of pre-integrated connectors, delivering high performance marketing throughout the process. TapClicks is poised to disrupt the market again by providing AI-based insights to optimize marketing budgets, ad quality, media mix and recommend marketing channels and platforms to maximize conversions and ROI.”

Babak Hedayati, CEO of TapClicks

TapClicks offers a HIPAA compliant solution to ensure healthcare covered entities and their digital agencies are able to easily maintain regulatory compliance.

TapClicks’ solution enables users to analyze data quickly and effectively, delivering powerful automated reports and visualizations to enhance marketing operations and performance.

TapClicks says it’s now serving more than Serving 5000 media and advertising agencies and their 500,000 brand clients.