Tappx secures EU funding to develop a Programmatic Server-Side Ad Insertion for Connected TV

Tappx this week announced it has secured backing from the EU Horizon 2020 SME-1 fund to develop and launch a Programmatic Server-Side Ad Insertion (PSSAI) OTT/CTV (Over-the-Top/Connected TV) solution.

According to Tappx, the Programmatic Server-Side Ad Insertion will programmatically insert contextually relevant OTT/CTV video ad content. The PSSAI will insert a holiday travel video ad following a TV scene of people boarding an airplane, for example.

Tappx PSSAI will analyze original video content and any associated metadata using machine learning, enabling the Tappx PSSAI platform to serve contextually content.

“The new Tappx Programmatic SSAI allows for targeted and non-intrusive programmatic advertising to be conducted at scale in the streaming video market. This quantum leap in SSAI methodology and technology offers true programmatic advertising capability for the OTT/CTV market, allowing for contextual and automatic insertion of targeted ads within internet streamed video content,” said David Lahoz Martin, Product Strategist, at Tappx.

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