Teads integrates IAS’s Context Control solution

Teads integrates IAS’s Context Control solution

Teads last month integrated IAS’s Context Control solution for avoidance, enabling advertisers to avoid content deemed unsuitable for their brand.

According to Teads, the IAS’s Context Control solution for avoidance is available globally and the first results show up to a 99% suitability pass rate for their ad impressions.

Teads says IAS’s cognitive semantic technology solution uses natural language processing (NLP) to dynamically comprehend the nuances of context. Unlike many other brand suitability options, IAS’s platform can determine the sentiment and emotion of content, which enables a more precise classification.

“As a luxury brand, the quality of the media environments our ads are seen in is of critical importance to our digital advertising strategy. A key part of that is maintaining close control of the content our advertising is placed adjacent to, without compromising on the potential scale of reach. Being able to integrate IAS’s latest solution within the Teads platform enables us to achieve both of these goals, giving us ultimate peace of mind for brand suitability whilst still achieving outcomes for the business,” said Barbara Dang, EMEA Media & Global Fragrances Communication Director, Shiseido Company.

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