Temu, Hims, Lisa AI Top Similarweb's Apps 100 Ranking

Temu, Hims, Lisa AI Top Similarweb's Apps 100 Ranking

Mobile apps are experiencing explosive growth in user engagement, with some seeing their usage skyrocket by over 4,000% in just one year, according to Similarweb's new Apps 100 ranking. This list highlights the fastest-growing mobile apps in the US, measured by estimated average monthly active users (MAU).

While simply getting people to download an app can be challenging, these top performers show the true power lies in fostering regular user engagement. Similarweb's ranking goes beyond downloads, focusing on how many users are actively interacting with the app each month.

Shopping Spree: Temu Leads the Charge

Topping the charts is Temu, a discount shopping app launched in the US in late 2022. With a staggering 4,173% growth in MAU, Temu boasts over 107 million active users monthly. Their success is attributed to their app-first approach, gamified shopping features, and aggressive discount offerings.

Health & Fitness, Photography See AI-Powered Growth

Hims, a telehealth platform for men, saw its MAU surge by 2,175%, while Lisa AI, an app for creating cartoon avatars, experienced a 1,064% increase. This reflects a broader trend of AI-powered apps gaining traction, with many winners across categories utilizing AI to enhance user experience.

Beyond the Top 10

Similarweb's Apps 100 shines a light on other notable performers across various categories:

  • Streaming and Media: The Chosen, a Christian drama series app, grew by 1,014%
  • Personal Finance: Fidelity Bloom, a savings and budgeting app, saw a 748.4% increase
  • Business: Etsy Seller, a shop management app, grew by 451.2%
  • Travel and Tourism: Airalo, an eSIM travel data solution, experienced a 369% increase

Insights and the Future of Mobile Apps

“The best digital businesses are not web-only or app-only, but understand how to meet their customers wherever they are and pay close attention to their needs,” Similarweb CEO Or Offer said. “Clearly, getting your app on a device people carry with them wherever they go is huge, but only if they actually open your app and use it on a regular basis. That’s what makes the Apps 100 winners so impressive.”

The report also points towards the increasing role of AI in mobile app development, with many top performers leveraging AI for image manipulation, personalized experiences, and other functionalities.

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