The best Parental Control App for android or iphone

Many parents look for an app for parental control, for Android or for iPhone. There is the option to have a free parental control app, but for a price, parents can have the best parental control app.

Why use Netsanity as an alternative to  Google’s parental control app for Android? Google’s main business is advertsing at its not Google’s business focus to do parental control.

Netsanity is a free app for iOS and for Android, with premium features on a 14-day free trial. Netsanity allows content filtering, the ability to block apps and games, and other features. Netsanity, a US-Based company, was founded in 2013 to address the growing concern of content filtering for mobile devices. Around the world, parents needed better solutions to protect their children from dangerous apps, websites, and social predators, and Netsanity provides parents full-featured control over their mobile devices without the need of a router.

for android or for iphone

Netsanity also provides free premium technical support to all its customers with US-based agents.

The app allows blocking contexts like personal web content, dating, porn, religion, search engines, sex education, social media and user-generated content, sports, streaming, suicide promotion, tobacco, violence, vulgar or obscene language, and the list goes on. Parents can block Youtube or Snapchat with the Parental Control App.

The Netsanity app lets parents control their accounts from their iPhone or iPad, rather than requiring a log-in from a browser.

Parents can also give a “timeout” remotely: this allows parents to give their child a mobile “timeout.”

Here the complete list of what parents can do:

  • Force VPN ON
  • Filter more than 30 categories
  • Block Adult Sites
  • Timeout
  • Scheduler
  • Last known location
  • Disable camera
  • Whitelist & Blacklist
  • App & Game blocking
  • Disable web browser
  • Prevent app install
  • Disable fingerprint reader
  • Prevent screenshots
  • Disable app stores
  • Notify on app install
  • Disable SMS texting on Android
  • Block SMS/call by contact on Android
  • Disable non-internet apps
  • Current battery status
  • See WiFi & Manage Data usage
  • Safe WiFi – Seamless with school networks

And the children are not able to uninstall the app unless the parents do it. See here a complaint from a kid in the app store:

parent control android

Here a review of the parental control app

Amazing solution and their support is fantastic… Beware of negative reviews for this app as they are made by angry children who’s parents are using this to protect them.”

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