Alexa with ads soon? Amazon in talks

Amazon is in talks with Procter & Gamble, with Clorox, and others, to have ads on Alexa, CNBC reported this week. For now, it is just a discussion about options and sponsorship opportunities.

Advertising options on Voice Search

  1. Targeting users based on past shopping behavior: Do cross-sell of products in the same brand or with related products;
  2. Tapping advertising in Alexa’s skills: Someone asking the Echo for help might get a suggestion for a specific product or brand;
  3. Voice Search: A user asking to buy Toothpaste and Alexa suggests a brand or product or a user asks for Pizza, and Alexa suggests Pizza deals;


To CNBC, a spokesperson for Amazon said the company has no plans to add advertisements to Alexa.

This week, related to Voice Search, Google published the Voice Search Guidelines.

Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot were sold last holiday season with discount prices, at a loss. Before HomePod is launched.