The Power of Sound in TikTok Ads

The Power of Sound in TikTok Ads
The Power of Sound in TikTok Ads

Sound is an essential element of TikTok, and it plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of TikTok ads. According to TikTok, 93% of its users spend time on the platform with sound on^9, which makes sound a powerful tool for capturing attention. 

Music is the most widely-used audio in TikTok ads, with 3 in 5 ads (63%) including at least one music element. 

Voiceovers are less common, featured in only 39% of ads. 

Text-to-speech is used, but even less common, seen in 20% of analyzed ads.

Here are some of the key reasons why sound is so important for advertisers on TikTok:

  • Captures attention: The captivating and often viral nature of TikTok sounds immediately grabs viewers' attention, drawing them into the ad and increasing the likelihood of engaging with it.
  • Elicits emotions: Sound can evoke a wide range of emotions, from joy and excitement to humor and intrigue, which can resonate with viewers on a deeper level and make the ad more memorable.
  • Enhances brand recall: Sound can create strong associations with a brand, making it more likely that viewers will remember the ad and the brand associated with it.
  • Drives action: Sound can encourage viewers to take action, whether it's visiting a website, making a purchase, or simply learning more about the brand.

Sound Strategies for TikTok Ads

Advertisers can leverage the power of sound in TikTok ads by following these strategies:

  • Use trending sounds: Incorporating trending or popular sounds can increase the visibility and reach of the ad, as users are more likely to engage with content that features sounds they recognize.
  • Create original sounds: Developing original and catchy sounds can set the ad apart from others and make it more memorable.
  • Match sound to the ad's message: Ensure that the sound aligns with the overall message and tone of the ad, creating a cohesive and engaging experience for viewers.
  • Utilize different sound effects: Employ a variety of sound effects, such as voiceovers, music, and sound design elements, to enhance the storytelling and emotional impact of the ad.
  • Optimize sound for all devices: Ensure that the ad's sound is optimized for different playback environments, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, to provide a consistent listening experience.

By incorporating sound effectively into their TikTok ads, advertisers can capture attention, evoke emotions, enhance brand recall, and drive action, ultimately achieving their marketing goals.

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