The Search Monitor adds search listings

Competitive intelligence for paid and organic listings on is available on The Search Monitor. Competitive data on Google and other search engines SERPs has been available for years, but when it comes to Amazon SERPs, advertisers have been flying in the dark. Now, for the first time, advertisers can get the same data for, announced yesterday The Search Monitor.

The Search Monitor’s customers can use this technology to benchmark market share and rank and to compare prices offered for specific products. The data gathered consists of sponsored listings and organic listings including Seller (competitor), product brand, rank, ad copy, and price. Advertisers can monitor competitors at the keyword level.

“Amazon is a top search engine and a top priority for big brand sellers and manufacturers. Owning top of the page in the Amazon search results is important. The Search Monitor recognizes that there is a lack of competitive information provided about the SERPs on Amazon. With this new feature, our customers can benchmark their performance, and make informed decisions about keyword sponsorship opportunities on Amazon,” said Lori Weiman, CEO of The Search Monitor.

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