Titan OS launches Titan Ads: A new marketplace for CTV Advertising

European tech company creates platform combining smart TV inventory with retail data targeting.

Titan Ads
Titan Ads

Titan OS, a European technology, entertainment, and advertising company, yesterday announced the launch of Titan Ads, a new marketplace for Connected TV (CTV) advertising. This comes as CTV viewership continues to rise in Europe, fragmenting the traditional TV landscape and creating challenges for advertisers. Titan Ads aims to address this by offering a solution that combines premium CTV inventory with advanced targeting capabilities.

Titan Ads leverages Titan OS, the company's own operating system powering smart TVs from Philips, AOC, and JVC across Europe. This provides Titan Ads with a unique pool of inventory, reaching millions of viewers directly through their smart TVs. Additionally, Titan Ads has access to exclusive first-party data from these viewers, allowing for more targeted advertising campaigns.

While Titan OS provides a strong foundation, Titan Ads also extends its reach beyond Titan OS users. Through strategic partnerships with leading TV manufacturers, content providers, and telecom companies, Titan Ads can reach over 30 million streaming households across Europe. This includes partnerships with Virgin Media in the UK, where Titan Ads acts as a sales partner for premium FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) inventory.

Titan Ads offers two high-impact ad formats: Homepage Ads and Instream Video Ads. Homepage Ads are large banner ads displayed on the smart TV homepage, ensuring high visibility for brands. Instream Video Ads are non-skippable video ads that appear during ad breaks on premium streaming channels and content partner platforms like Euronews, A+E Networks, Red Bull TV, Bloomberg, and FUNKE Digital. These formats ensure brand safety for advertisers, placing their ads in trusted environments.

User privacy is a core principle for Titan Ads. A custom-built consent management platform powered by OneTrust gives users control over their data. For consenting users, Titan Ads offers advanced targeting options. This includes contextual targeting based on Titan's first-party viewing data and audience segmentation. Additionally, Titan Ads leverages partnerships with major European retailers like Currys in the UK and Nordics, and Boulanger in France, to offer advertisers the ability to target campaigns based on retailers' first-party data. This allows for highly targeted advertising based on viewer habits and purchase history.

Shoppable Ads and driving action

Building on these retail partnerships, Titan Ads offers shoppable ad formats. These formats allow viewers to purchase products directly from the ad by scanning a QR code on their mobile devices. This approach creates a seamless experience for viewers and helps advertisers drive sales directly through their CTV campaigns.

Key Benefits of Titan Ads:

Unique Inventory and Exclusive Data: Titan OS users provide a unique pool of inventory and exclusive data for targeted advertising.

Scale and Incremental Reach: Reaches over 30 million households across Europe, offering access to hard-to-reach streaming audiences.

Local Knowledge: Titan Ads has local teams with expertise in each major European market, ensuring campaigns are tailored for optimal results.

Premium and Brand-Safe Formats: Delivers high-impact CTV ad formats in trusted environments.

Advanced Targeting with Retail Data: Offers advanced targeting options using first-party data from Titan OS and partner retailers.

The launch of Titan Ads signifies a new development in the European CTV advertising landscape. By combining premium inventory, advanced targeting capabilities, and partnerships with major retailers, Titan Ads offers a compelling solution for brands looking to reach audiences through this growing medium. As CTV viewership continues to rise, Titan Ads is well-positioned to play a significant role in shaping the future of CTV advertising in Europe.

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