TVSquared integrated in Ampersand’s platform

TVSquared today announced a partnership with Ampersand, the audience-based multi-screen TV advertising sales and technology company.

Through TVSquared’s technology, exposure metrics can now be linked to observed consumer actions, bringing transparency and accountability to TV investments, and empowering Ampersand advertisers with campaign performance insights in addition to standard reach and frequency reporting.

TVSquared says Ampersand is changing the conversation by providing advertisers with insights into the business outcomes from their TV investments. TV schedules can be optimized across Ampersand’s reach of MVPDs and all cable inventory, spanning 85 million U.S. households.

Advertisers can now track the influence of TV campaigns on lower-funnel activities, including website traffic and sales. Granular TV insights across different days, dayparts, networks and creatives are tracked in real-time by TVSquared, and leveraged to inform where changes can be made to achieve KPIs and improve performance across all TV investments.

“TV is evolving and performance measurement is playing a transformational role in the next evolutionary stage for both local and national cable,” said Bob Ivins, Chief Data Officer, Ampersand. “TVSquared’s partnership supports our vision of bringing together different parts of the TV ecosystem to change the world of TV advertising from ratings to performance. Insights and outcomes for TV advertising are setting a new standard, and TVSquared’s platform allows us to meet the next level of advertiser expectations.”

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