Uber Eats launches Ads for Restaurants

Uber Eats launches Ads for Restaurants
Uber Eats Ads

Uber today launched Sponsored Listings in the Uber Eats app across the United States. Uber says more countries will follow this year.

Uber Eats' consumers will start seeing Sponsored Listings in the app this month, and the ads will be labeled.

In the launch of the Ads (Sponsored Listings), Uber Eats is giving $25 million in marketing credits to qualified US restaurants. Uber wants to show how the ads are performing.

According to Uber, restaurants can build Sponsored Listings in their Uber Eats dashboards, by setting up an audience, budget, bidding, and duration of the campaign.

On the dashboard, restaurants are able to see the return of the ad spend (ROAS).

Restaurants can set up weekly budgets, optimize and track the ads. On Uber Eats’ Sponsored Listings, restaurants pay per click and they can define the CPC bidding.

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