Unsplash launches a new native ad product for brands

Unsplash this month launched a new ad product for brands. Advertisers can share branded images on Unsplash that capture their brand goals, and the images then appear promoted in Unsplash feeds and under relevant searches.

Luke Chesser, Co-founder & Head of Product of Unsplash, wrote that the branded images are then downloaded and used by creators reaching an audience of over 300 million people each month.

The Cofounder of Unsplash added that “Unsplash for Brands doesn’t require massive amounts of personal data and creepy hyper-targeting to end up in the right place — their utility and message put them in front of the right audience.”

Prices for the branded images were not disclosed but this is the way Unsplash decided to monetize their free stock image website.

Unsplash’s competitor with free images is Pixabay, and the competitors with paid images are Getty, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. Unsplash says their library is today more used than the rest of the industry combined. Unsplash has a library with over 1.5 million photos.

Google, Harley-Davidson, Square, Boxed Water, Le Creuset, and Timberland were the first advertisers to take part in the Unsplash for Brand.

“As a brand disrupting the packaged water industry, we are thrilled to be one of the first partners on Unsplash’s new ad platform. We all know the importance of visuals in today’s digital environment. Through commissioning some of our favorite photographers, we’re setting a new norm of sustainability, allowing creatives everywhere to have access to images free from plastic bottles harming our planet.”

CMO, Rob Koenen at Boxed Water is Better

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