Updates on Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) give more control to advertisers

Since this week, Google Ads has a new feature available called “URL is”, that introduced more control over Dynamic Search Ads. “URL is” feature lets advertisers set up Dynamic Search Ads for your top pages. Advertisers can now specify the landing pages where they want to have more traffic.

Advertisers can find the top performing landing pages on the search terms report, under the dynamic ad targets. The landing page data is available since September 5, and advertisers can use the insights to include the best landing pages on the feature “URL is” on Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).

Reporting on landing page data makes it easy to find the top performing pages and target them specifically. Advertisers can also find pages they would want to add as negative targets. For example, if the ad group targeting all web pages is driving traffic to a product page on an out of stock product, advertisers can exclude that product’s page.”

Walter Vulej, Product Manager at Google Ads

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