Taboola launches lookalike targeting based on email adresses

Taboola this week launched lookalike audiences as an additional targeting. Advertisers can now build lookalike audiences by uploading a list of hashed emails, using your very own first-party data. The feature is only available in the USA.

Advertisers can start building audiences based on the customers, frequent customers or highest lifetime value (LTV) customers. The list of email adresses must contain at least 7,500 records and no more than 750,000 records. The list must be a CSV file, all emails in lowercase and hashed (MD5, SHA1 or SHA256) and there is a file size limit of 50MB.

Taboola has 4 types of Lookalike Audiences: top 5%; top 10%; top 15%; top 20%; and top 25%. Taboola says the top 5% lookalike will model the audience the closest but will be the smallest whereas the top 25% will model the audience the furthest, therefore, have the highest scale.

Lookalike audiences help advertisers to lower the cost per acquisition (CPA), and are now available on the Taboola Backstage.

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