Which countries have more new app installs?

Which countries have more new app installs?

India is by far the country with more app installs in the world. Sensor Tower this week estimated that India had over 5 billion first-time downloads in the Q2 2019, reaching a new milestone in the quarter, up 4 percent from 4.8 billion in Q1 2019.

The second country with more app downloads was Brazil, followed by Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, and Thailand. Android is the most popular OS, except in the US and Japan.

Google Play Store is not available in China, so Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform doesn’t include the country. But on the Apple App Store, China was in first for new app installs. However, the quarter over quarter, the number of downloads decreased 8,5%.

In the App Store the top countries by downloads were China, in the first place, followed by the US, Japan, the UK, and Russia.

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