X introduces Creator Targeting

X today announced the launch of Creator Targeting, a new feature allowing advertisers to target specific creators on the platform.

X Business
X Business

X today announced the launch of Creator Targeting, a new feature allowing advertisers to target specific creators on the platform.

Since the July 2023 launch of its ad revenue sharing program, X has seen over 80,000 creators join the platform, creating content across diverse areas. Creator Targeting aims to leverage this growing creator base, enabling advertisers to reach engaged audiences directly within their preferred content.

Available this month, Creator Targeting allows advertisers to:

  • Select creators: Choose from a curated list of premium content creators on X.
  • Run pre-roll ads: Directly serve pre-roll video ads before the chosen creators' content in both the home timeline and profile pages.
  • Utilize brand safety tools: Leverage X's existing Adjacency Controls and Sensitivity Settings for ad placement control.
  • Future targeting: Soon, advertisers will be able to target individual creator profiles for even more focused campaigns.

This new feature aligns with X's growing video-first approach, building upon its established video advertising offerings. Paired with formats like Vertical Video Ads and Promoted Video, Creator Targeting aims to provide advertisers with powerful tools to reach specific audiences through authentic creator content.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Targeted reach: Access engaged audiences based on specific creator preferences.
  • Brand safety: Utilize X's existing brand safety measures.
  • Authentic engagement: Partner with trusted creators for organic audience connections.
  • Increased precision: Target ideal audiences with greater accuracy.

Benefits for Creators

  • Monetization opportunities: Earn revenue through targeted ad placements.
  • Brand collaboration: Partner with relevant brands for expanded reach.

Impact on Platform

  • Enhanced video ecosystem: Creator Targeting further strengthens X's video-first strategy.
  • Increased value for all stakeholders: Advertisers gain precise targeting, creators unlock new revenue streams, and audiences enjoy relevant content.

With the launch of Creator Targeting, X establishes itself as a platform catering to the needs of both advertisers and creators in the growing video advertising landscape. The new feature provides increased targeting options for brands while offering content creators valuable monetization opportunities. By connecting creators with relevant audiences, X aims to further enhance its video ecosystem and provide a positive experience for all users.

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