Xandr launches Pause Ads

Xandr launches Pause Ads

Xandr this month launched Pause Ads across traditional and connected TV channels. Pause Ads appear when users hit the pause button.

According to Xandr, Pause Ads are available with beta advertising partners including AT&T Mobility, EPIX and STARZ across AT&T TV NOW and select DIRECTV households.

Xandr says consumers only see the ads when they take a break from the content they’re watching, so the ads complement, rather than disrupt.

“Our findings indicate that consumers aren’t anti-advertising. They’re pro-content, as long as it’s relevant and non-disruptive to them,” said Matt Van Houten, SVP of Product Development for Xandr. “When we conducted research for Xandr’s Relevance Report, we found that 73% of consumers surveyed dislike ads that interrupt what they’re doing; therefore, Pause Ads are very much about the right message at the right time.”

Xandr’s Pause Ads are enabled within live, video on-demand and DVR programming across cable, broadcast and premium networks on both digital and satellite.

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