Yahoo Launches Identity Testing Capabilities to Enable Advertisers to Prepare for Cookieless Future

Yahoo Launches Identity Testing Capabilities to Enable Advertisers to Prepare for Cookieless Future

In response to the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, Yahoo has unveiled today identity testing capabilities directly within its Yahoo DSP. This new feature empowers advertisers to gain valuable insights and optimize their campaigns effectively in a cookieless environment.

With Yahoo Identity Solutions, advertisers can now test their future-proofing strategies across web and in-app inventory using a simple A/B testing method. By comparing the performance of a control line with third-party cookies to a test line leveraging Yahoo Identity Solutions, advertisers can gain a clear understanding of how their campaigns will perform in the absence of third-party identifiers.

Klick Health, a leading life sciences agency, has become the first to adopt Yahoo's identity testing capabilities. The agency has successfully utilized this feature to enhance its campaign performance and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

“As we continue to help life sciences clients prepare for the changing digital landscape, we’re committed to partnering with companies like Yahoo that have cutting-edge identity solutions and capacity to execute campaigns emulating the cookieless future,” said Kristy Quagliariello, VP, Programmatic, Klick Health. “We work in a very data-driven sector and the learnings from this testing enable our team to improve and optimize buying strategies, and give us a competitive edge.”

Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo, underscored the significance of these testing capabilities, stating, "As cookie deprecation quickly approaches, advertisers are looking to easily and accurately test solutions without having to change the way they buy or introduce friction into their campaigns. These new testing capabilities and our continued enhancement of Yahoo Identity Solutions reflect our unwavering dedication to providing advertisers with accurate insights and measurable business outcomes."

Yahoo's integrated identity approach encompasses both addressable and non-addressable inventory. Yahoo ConnectID, powered by consent-based first-party and partner data, reaches nearly 200 million authenticated users in the U.S., while Next-Gen Solutions leverages Yahoo ConnectID users as a panel audience to drive relevance and reach within non-addressable environments.

Yahoo says it will continue to support the future of identity, enabling advertisers to meet their business objectives and drive a privacy-centric ecosystem. Yahoo advertisers will be able to test Google Privacy Sandbox APIs, which will offer additional signals for reaching their customers on Chrome as third party cookies are deprecated.

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