YouTube ad extensions to be launched soon for app downloads, cinema and travel

Google announced this month that advertisers on YouTube will be able to make the video ads more actionable with a greater variety of ad extensions.

The YouTube ad extensions are similar to extensions on Search Ads. Google says that YouTube extensions will enhance the video ads with additional useful information—giving consumers more reasons to take action.

On YouTube ads, advertisers can already add location and form extensions (currently in beta) in the TrueView in-stream ads. Google is now exploring additional use cases that encourage viewers to complete lower-funnel actions like:

  • Finding the next movie showtime;
  • Downloading an app;
  • Booking a trip.
YouTube Ad Extensions

Vodafone, Chili’s, 20th Century Fox, Headspace and Maybelline are using extensions for video ads. Using extensions, Vodafone drove a 2.3x incremental lift in Ad Recall and a 3.5 percent CTR—a 785% increase over their regional benchmark.