YouTube expands Creator Merchandise options with Fourthwall integration

YouTube expands Creator Merchandise options with Fourthwall integration

YouTube today added Fourthwall as a supported platform. This integration grants creators the ability to choose Fourthwall when setting up or connecting their store directly from YouTube Studio.

What is Fourthwall?

Fourthwall is an e-commerce platform specifically designed to help creators set up and manage their online stores with ease. The platform offers a streamlined process for selling products, such as custom merchandise. Integrating Fourthwall with YouTube allows creators to curate a seamless shopping experience for their viewers.

Connecting, Managing, and Disconnecting Stores on YouTube

YouTube's enhanced shopping features offer a straightforward process for eligible creators to link their stores - whether they use a supported retailer, a supported platform, or manage their own independent store. Here's how:

  • Connect your store:
    • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
    • Navigate to the "Earn" tab followed by the "Shopping" tab (only visible for eligible channels).
    • If you're new to YouTube Shopping features, select "Get Started". Otherwise, click "Connect new store" on the product card.
    • Follow the instructions provided to link your official store to your channel.
  • Manage your store:
    • Review the products within your store in the "Products" section of the Shopping tab.
    • Link additional stores as needed.
  • Disconnect your store:
    • Return to the Shopping tab in YouTube Studio.
    • Locate the connected store and click "More", then select "Remove store".

YouTube will review all products listed to ensure compliance with YouTube's policies and the Google Merchant Center policies.

Creators are responsible for ensuring their products adhere to relevant guidelines, including YouTube's monetization policies and Community Guidelines.

In addition to Fourthwall, YouTube offers support for other popular platforms like Shopify.

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